why do babies cry when they are born and importance of birth cry

birth cry importances

A zeolite is protected in a warm environment, when he/she may not be delivered, at that temperature and pressure, the moisture all parameters remains in accordance with the soft tissue and skin of the infant. When a child takes birth he/she is subject a whole different environment. The temperature of outside world and air stimulates the skin.  The child felt it necessary to take a deep breath, and thus takes a deep breath which is also known as a good gasp, due to this stimulation. When the air or the good gasp is respired by the child it results in a cry. It repeatedly takes up his deep breath and establishes a regular respiratory cycle.

The parameters which help to assess the child include in it the first cry also. The first cry is expected to be a vigorous or lustrous one if it is not so then the variations are studied to understands and in interpreting the condition of the child.

The variations of cry indicate different mental conditions or physical conditions of a child.  for example, if a child is crying and is irritated that he may be having a brain injury. if the cry is not so loud and feeble than the child is expected to suffering from a problem of brains such as intracranial bleeding or asphyxia, problems in lungs is also what a feeble cry indicates, such as problem may include improper growth of lungs in a low birth weight baby which is also known as prematurity.

It could be a result of aspiration of fluid.This fluid surrounds the baby in the womb and protects it from the external jerks and impulses thus providing a safeguard along with providing it important and required moisture, nutrients pressure and other things required by a child to develop himself fully and completely.

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