The Bell Curve Summary

Bell Curve

From the beginning of the human development, from the development of ape,  from generations, it is a tendency of human to collect data. Human collects data; store it, to analyze it; conceptualize it, to spread it; spread it, to reveal the maximum truth in front of the world. Collection of data, therefore, appears quite important and a special thing to do be done with a lot of precaution and perseverance. If a collected data gets lost, the hard work which was done to achieve it would go waste: hard work of creating the data by making, linking,  joining, surveying facts; or, the hard work of generations which had preserved the valuable and venerable data; or, the hard work of collecting and gathering the data. This implies, to store data is more important and tough rather than to create it or to collect it.

Therefore, as humans started understanding the importance of data they started making innovations of various methods, which are now used to collect data and also to create data Moreover,  since the period of inventions, unique and innovative methods are used to store it. Storing data gets easy when data gets small and classified; with classification, regular use and searching of data with the needs gets easy and interesting. This keeps data fresh, in motion and active as being used regularly. Therefore, innovations are done to store data by classifying them with better grounds.

The storing and comparison of data is the basic need of some subjects: some subjects need comparison between data collectively, so in sociology an innovation is made which allows  similar type of data to be drawn on graph moreover with such a process the comparison can also be made easily; the sketching of graph is known as Bell curve which is also termed as Normal curve. This graph is plotted on the similar available data, which consist of a  single peak and single mode. This processor graph is used in sociology only to demonstrate fine distinctions. A single peak in the graph indicates the existence of single mean of the available data. It is obvious that the given data will have a single mean which will be shown with the highest peak. Single mode means the graph will have the single peak.

It is known as bell curve as its shape appears, when plotted,  as a bell. it starts from the lowest value on X-Axis and lowest value on Y-Axis thereafter increases exponentially with the increase in the value of X on the axis. This exponential rise continues to a point, thereafter becomes constant for some consecutive values of X-axis; then abrupt falls can be seen which is also exponential and which ultimately meets X-Axis. The part or such values of X on which the values of Y remains constant is then mean value which acquires the position at the peak.

No other results are possible, other than those which are shown on the graph. This is the most appropriate way of representing a data in sociology as the data never remains constant but changes with a minute value every time thus, a graph is the best way to differentiate between the data.

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