Do Fish Communicate with Each Other / with Humans

do fish communicate with each other

Can Fish communicate or not?

do fish communicate with each other

The fish do communicate with each other; fish survives in the group and communicate with other fishes from one way or the other. Weakly electric fish is a kind of fish which generates electricity. This electricity is not very high but less than one volt. Two of the best-known and most-studied examples of such fishes are Peters’ elephant nose fish (Gnathonemus petersi) and the black ghost knife fish (Apteronotus albifrons), they communicate with a technique which is popularly known as electro communication


There are other fish, other from the weakly electric, they make contacts by bodily motions and some uses the means of sound to communicate, there are such fishes too, which makes groups and make different motions to

Symbolize other fishes. Some fishes use impulses and other which can detect them detects and understands the signal communicated to them. There are such fishes too, which receives electric signals, sent by electric fish, for example:-  sharks, rays, and catfishes, these fishes have qualities to detect electric fields and are thus electroreceptive, they are not placed in the family of electric fish because they cannot generate electricity.


Fishes have developed with them a diversity of sound-generating organs. These sounds are developed by vibrating the swim bladder (located in the body cavity in the digestive tube. It contains oxygen and thus allows a fish to swim at his desired its depth, without floating upward or sinking) and pectoral girdle by rapidly contracting muscles they also produce sound from rubbing bony elements against each other. These sounds are, hopingly so produced, that they are understood by the other fishes and thus the receptor fishes are expected to work accordingly.


Sometimes the signal may have in it secretion of scent. This type of communication is found in some catfish family

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