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Human Heart – Structure, Layers, facts, Functions & Basic Anatomy

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THE HUMAN HEART The circulatory system is composed of heart and blood vessels including arteries, veins, and capillaries. The heart is the key organ in the …

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The Human Digestive System: Functions, Definition, Organs, & More

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HUMAN  DIGESTIVE  SYSTEM The human digestive system is a complete type of digestive system, according to the evolutionary pattern. It is designed such that it converts …

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What Causes Bright-Yellow Urine and Other Changes in Color?

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We all know that urine is made of water, certain electrolytes and the color of urine i.e. yellow is due to a chemical which is called …

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What Actually Happens To Your Hair As You Get Older

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We all know that hairs grow from epidermal layer. It is made up of highly fibrous and insoluble protein which is known as keratin. This protein …

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How do citrus fruits like lemon/orange reduce vomiting sensation when smelled?

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We all know that vomiting sensation is associated with nausea. Anything can cause a person to vomit. Vomiting sensation differs from person to person. Any odor …

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what are the Effects of Alcohol in Pregnancy

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Everyone knows that the consumption of alcohol is not safe for human body. Alcohol damages our internal organs slowly and gradually. All kinds of alcohol affect …

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why people feel sleepy during boring classes

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Sleeping is a process which requires human being to takes rest, to rest his muscles, decrease its energy and increase his storage reserves. Sleeping allows people …

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Do Animals Need To Brush Their Teeth Like Humans?

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We all have teeth. In fact, every person on this earth has teethed. We all know teethes are white in color found in the mouth of …

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why do we speak loudly when we are listening to music with the help of earphones

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It’s a normal tendency of a human being to speak loudly which mostly depends on their audibility. People when speak also listen to others what they …

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  We all have brains and we all have a nervous system which helps to feel the pain. But plants like us do not have a …