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Brain mapping is a detailed study of the brain which includes the study of structure both normal and abnormal. Brain mapping involves a very wide approach to collect information from the whole brain to the microscopic level. This approach involves brain imaging, neuropsychology, computer-science etc. The brain scanning techniques which […]

why do we speak loudly when we are listening to music with the help of earphones

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It’s a normal tendency of a human being to speak loudly which mostly depends on their audibility. People when speak also listen to others what they are speaking. We raise our voice a bit louder when we are not able to understand ourselves what we are speaking. It’s in our […]

why four wheelers safe than two wheelers

benefit of using four wheeler over Normal Wheelrs

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The phenomenon of traction helps in determining the amplitude of torque and turning of the wheel. The forces that are applied by the ground to the wheel or the wheel that applies to the ground is also traction. If there is low-traction then the torque applied is due to traction […]