How do citrus fruits like lemon/orange reduce vomiting sensation when smelled?

We all know that vomiting sensation is associated with nausea. Anything can cause a person to vomit. Vomiting sensation differs from person to person. Any odor which causes one person to vomit may not affect another person. Drugs can also cause the person to vomit. Any infection or disturbance like motion sickness can make a person feel nauseated.

how to citrus fruits helps to reduce vomiting

Many pregnant women feel nauseated during the morning and this problem is known as ‘morning sickness’. Others may feel like vomiting in emotional stress, during traveling etc. and sometimes eating habits can cause vomiting.

In order to reduce this, a person should smell citrus fruits like lemon. Lemon, contains an oil which has a very refreshing smell when helps to prevent the feeling of nausea. The oil which is present in lemon is produced in the rind of the fruits which has many effects such as anxiety relieving, anti-depressant etc. So, it is advisable that a person should smell lemon if he feels nauseated or drink lemon juice.

Although lime is acidic in nature it is stomach friendly which helps in preventing nausea. Cintrollea, oil present in lemon also helps to prevent vomiting. Lemon also helps to reduce nausea as they also flush out toxins present in the body.

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