Why are Flowers not black in Colour

why flowers not in black colourThe rays of the sun which we see is not yellow in color instead it is white because it is a combination of all colors. When sun rays fall on any object, the light is absorbed and some of the rays are reflected back. This gives the object its color.

flowers are brightly colored. This is because flower also absorbs light and reflect it back. Mostly plants absorb light and reflect it back.All the Green Coloured Plants contain pigments called chlorophyll, carotene etc which helps in absorption and reflection of light.

The pigments such as chlorophyll which is present on flowers absorb a certain amount of wavelengths of white light and reflect some of it back. This gives the plant its color. The red color which we see on rose petals include blue or violet color also. But the plant absorbs the red color and reflects back other colors.

The white flowers are white because the pigments which are present on white flowers absorb the entire white light thus giving white color to flower. In contrast, black color is just an opposite phenomenon. In this process, the flower has to absorb the entire white light. By absorbing white light, it gives black color to that object. Black color flowers are very rarely found because then they are not able to attract pollinators which brightly colored flowers can. It is important for plants to pollinate because their reproduction depends on it.

Brightly colored flowers attract pollinators such as butterflies, moth’s insects which help in fruit and seed setting. One of the insects such as moth becomes active during the night and the plants which are pollinated by moths are usually pale in color.

So, at last, colored flower help in pollination process which eventually helps in seed setting whereas a black flower cannot do this.

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