Does a person really go unconscious when hit on the head?

We all know that our brain contains nerve cells which are very delicate and contain spinal fluid. This cerebral spinal fluid which contains nerve cells acts as a protector. It protects the brain from shock. This fluid contains all activities. When a person meets with an accident this cerebral fluid absorbs shock. When fluid absorbs shock our brain becomes totally blank and results in a situation of total blackout which leads to unconsciousness.

Does a person really go unconscious when hit on the head?

When a person regained its consciousness they mostly became dazed and confused. This thing happens temporarily and is known as ‘concussion’. But if a person is hit more violently the muscular flap which is known as ‘Dura’ starts becoming swelled and they also start bleeding internally. This also causes a person to become unconscious. This is known as ‘in succession’. The symptoms of in succession are a headache, dizziness etc/

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