What Causes Acne in Teenagers

why teenage get pimples/ acne


why teenage get pimples/ acne

Medically, pimples are called acne vulgarise and it is very common between teenage affecting both males and females. It is persistent in nature which mostly affects the hair follicle. It is assumed that pimples in adolescents occur due to physiological change and alteration in a hair follicle. These pimples are caused by drugs which contain hormones like testosterone. The main reason for pimples can be the change in climate and some people have pimple problems because they are hereditary.

It has been found out that bacterial lipases break down into sebaceous gland which collects on the surface of the face and liberates oil that contains fatty acids. Because of this, the early phases of acne begins to occur.

Pimples can be of two types: non-inflammatory and inflammatory. A non-inflammatory pimple is a growing mass of lipid and keratin and results in dilation of sebaceous gland while an inflammatory pimple contains papules, nodules, and pustules and these types of pimples give better relief.

So, in order to remove pimples from face one should wash their face properly and drink a lot of water. Sunshine also helps to remove pimples.

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