An unpeeled orange floats in water where as a peeled one cannot why?

why unpeeled orange floats

It is seen that when we peel off the orange it usually sinks in water whereas it usually floats when unripe. In the same way, it is the case with coconut. Like unpeel orange floats, a dry coconut with its hush floats in water and sinks when the husk is removed. This comparison can also be extended to ships which when made of metallic sheets float while it sinks when it is put in water. The only explanation for these floating and sinking can be that law of floatation is applied.

It is normal that if we put an object in water it causes some water to fall. This is because the water that falls depends on the object that causes immersion. The object will only float in water if the amount of water which is displaced is equal to the weight of the object. The reason for this can be a buoyant force. The buoyant force pushes the object upward causing them to flow.

This buoyant force will become greater only when the density of objects is lesser. The only reason an unpeeled orange or dry husk floats in water is that their density is less which makes them lighter thereby causing them to float.


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